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It is better to do things the right way. As your tax lawyer, our team wants to help you stay proactive and above board. If you are behind on taxes, don't wait; get started in the right direction now.

IRS Conflict Resolution

When it’s time to force an IRS bank levy release or an IRS Wage Garnishment Release, Nasser Law understands the strict deadlines involved.  Whether you want a tax planning consultation or need assistance applying for the IRS fresh start program, find a tax lawyer you can trust.

Bold & Innovative Asset Protection

Diverse Tax Law Attorney

A broad range of tax law practice areas means you benefit from a proactive approach that anticipates obstacles. From deep experience, we deliver access to powerful a tax defense team waiting to assist you. Our practice areas are within local, state and federal tax jurisdictions. Some of those practice areas include the following:


●      Income tax

●      Business revenues taxes

●      Sales and use taxes

●      Property tax assessments

●      Audits

●      Negotiate payment plans

●      Engage in settlement negotiations

●      Representing clients in tax appeals and US Tax Court

●      Asset protection

●      Tax planning

●      Compliance

●      Tax conflict resolution

●      Gross revenue taxes

●      City business licenses 


Multiple Tax Agency Situations

Whether you are dealing with the state level EDD or federal level IRS, our Torrance tax law attorney team can help you find a solution. We have years of experience in dealing with:


  • Federal: IRS
  • State Agencies: FTB, CDTFA, OTA, BOE, EDD
  • County Agencies: Property Tax Assessor
  • Municipal Agencies: Business gross receipts taxes


 Let us simplify your tax law needs. Schedule your consultation today.